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MiraVia offers two avenues of exploration for educators committed to school improvement, including experienced classroom teachers, beginning teachers, mentor teachers, instructional coaches, building and district administrators, and curriculum and instructional specialists.

Classroom Practice: Creating Learning-Focused Classrooms and Schools includes effective instructional strategies for literacy development, enhancing student thinking, structuring student interaction and classroom-based assessments.

Collaborative Practice: Developing Professional Communities includes skills for structuring meaningful professional conversations between colleagues, both one-to-one and in groups. This avenue focuses on individual and group development, including using data to focus productive interactions, building learning-focused relationships, group leadership, facilitation and presentation skills.

Learning experiences in each strand develop the confidence and skill to apply effective new ideas to current practice, in the classroom and the meeting room. Each strand offers accessible templates, practical tools and field-tested strategies to support busy professionals in transferring their learning from workshop to worksite.

MiraVia seminars, institutes and workshops are highly interactive and experiential. Hands-on learning, differentiated to the needs and expectations of group members, motivates participation, experimentation and application after the sessions.

MiraVia offers seminars in a variety of formats for customized programs that meet client needs and outcomes.