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About Us
MiraVia, LLC develops pathways for enhancing professional growth for beginning and experienced educators. Our work, based on a theory-driven and field-tested model of learning, applies to both students and adults across a variety of settings. Our products and services put theory into practitioner's hands, with accessible applications for their current work and future learning. Our approach emphasizes the value of learning-focused classrooms and schools and develops the individual and organizational capacities to create them. This integrating quality presents a comprehensive and coherent framework for both classroom and collaborative practice.

How can MiraVia support learning for you and your organization?

Learning that lasts requires a combination of hands-on experiences, demonstration, guided practice and worksite application with feedback. Our multi-day professional development options provide each of these elements and create powerful results for implementing and sustaining effective practices and improving student achievement.

Comprehensive professional development planning includes clear outcomes, a targeted approach and efficient use of resources. Check our site descriptions for ways in which our products and services will help you achieve your outcomes.

We encourage you to contact us to explore ways in which MiraVia's practical products and tailored services can help you achieve your professional and organizational learning goals.